The texture of the hair falls between straight, wavy to extremely curly or kinky hair.

Hair is a type of protein called Keratin. All proteins that are there in the follicle become the hair-shaft and contain sulfur atoms. These sulfur atoms form the hair texture. If these sulfur bonds are away from each other, then the curl texture of the hair is created from the disulfide bond. Curly hair on hair texture chart falls between wavy and extremely curly hair. These curls are bold and round, like wrapped around a small pipe. Like an “S” shape or “Z” shaped designed hair texture..

Here’s a step by step guide for you to take care of your Long curly hair and have beautiful frizz-free hair day every day

Brushing your hair

If you like to keep your diva curl hair looking curly all day, you shouldn’t brush your hair. Instead, you can use a wide comb. Moving your finger continually through hair will only cause it to become more frizzy and unmanageable. It is best to leave the hair to form natural curls once washed. It will create curls on its own, and you can spray some setting spray for the coils to remain intact. Using the brush will open up the curls and make your hair look healthy and curly. Click here to purchase a wide-tooth comb for your curly hair.

Oiling your curly hair

Natural curly hair is spiral. It is difficult for oils to seep downwards once you apply oil on the scalp. Unlike the straight hair where the oil directly moves downwards, the oil on the curly hair doesn’t reach up to the end of the hair strands making the bottom part of your hair looking more frizzy and dry.

Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin to retain moisture and keep your hair healthy. It adds shine and luster to your hair.  You can use the right oil to massage your hair and grease it up to the bottom, so it removes all the dirt and chemical from the cuticle of the hair and is safe for washing with shampoo and conditioner.

Coconut oil is one such moisturizing oil that strengthens the hair and reduces the porosity.

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Shampooing your hair

When your hair is spiral, you need to take extra care to make sure all the residue that has cleared off properly. Any residue on the hair will cause dandruff or dry scalp, which turns your hair brittle. For curly hair, you must lift your hair upwards and massage it. Also, you must massage your scalp correctly to remove all the dirt from the scalp. You need to make sure that your shampoo and conditioner is free from sulfates and parabens. These are very harmful for curly hair as they stick on the hair and scalp skin, making the hair dry and brittle to touch.

Depending on the porosity of your hair, you can leave on the conditioner for a more extended period. If would be great if you can have a steam for your natural curl hair or simple hot towel or shower cap on when you have applied conditioner on to your hair. Your curls will surely come out smoothly and have more volume. Warm to lukewarm water is perfect for a hair wash. Additionally, no hot water must touch your diva curl hair.

Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curls Defines Shampoo made for natural curly hair texture. It has corn Silk Extract that is known to promote long curly hair growth. It has 20 Hours of humidity control and helps in balancing the Ph Level of the scalp.
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Drying your hair

The process of how you dry your wet hair defines your curls. There are ample ways to dry your hair then using a blow dryer or hair iron. Use a microfiber towel as it absorbs the right amount of moisture form your hair. Don’t drip-dry your long curly hair.

  • Use a serum to keep your hair from looking frizzy and rough. Hair Serum makes the texture of your hair smooth and keep the moisture intact. Livon hair serum works best for curly hair. Click here to purchase Livon Hair Serum
  • Detangle your diva curl hair after applying the serum with a wide-toothed comb
  • Slowly massage your hair from the bottom to up. Use a hair diffuser to keep the natural curly hair intact. The hair diffuser from Argon uses airflow to manage curls from the scalp downwards. It has a cool shot button that provides fresh air just in case you don’t want the extra heat to damage your hair. Click here to purchase Argon Hair Diffuser from
  • Make Sure that your hair is dry 90 to 95-% before you move outdoors.

Last but not least, a few take off’s your need to use natural products and avoid straightening your hair with chemicals. You need to throw the worry out of the window and accept your hair and love them for what they are. Stop taming your naturally curly hair. Let the diva curls spring and bounce make you feel lively as they are.