THE MAN COMPANY is a Swadesi company founded by three industry pioneers. Mr. Parvesh Bareja, Mr.Hitesh Dhingra, and Mr.Bhisham Bhateja. The sole purpose of the company was to give men time for themselves. They truly understood that men are mostly overburdened with tasks at work and responsibilities at home. They do it with a smile and always keep their strong foot forward. This was a gift to the men who work hard and try to achieve their goals. The Man company took care of easy to use products for men’s grooming, which will in turn give them self confidence and also a feeling of accomplishment.

Below are some exceptional products by this Indian company which is a must-have for your grooming.

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil with Almond and Thyme

Two key ingredients for this product have taken care of nourishing and rejuvenation of your skin. The Almond &  Thyme Extract together promote beard growth and helps keep the graying of hair at bay. You need to pamper your facial skin and beard with this beard oil and feel relaxed in the aroma of thyme. All of this rejuvenation while your beard heals from patchy areas to hair fall control.Click here to purchase this item online from

The blue Grooming Kit- Signature Rakhi Gift Set (limited time only)

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. Make this Raksha Bandhan special with a perfect gift for your brother. He will surely be of all praises when he sees this under the gift wrap. You can ship this product to various destinations across the globe. It has a free Rakhi Inside just in case your brother lives away from you in a different state or country. This Shaving kit comes with Premium 5 razor Blades,( Diamond coated) blade, a razor stand, and a case to keep these essentials safe. A much-in-demand product on has huge customer reviews and positive replies. Click here to purchase the Blue grooming kit online from

Cider Vinegar Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a recurring problem. Apple Cider Vinegar has anti fungal properties. The Man company has taken the best home remedy for scalp treatment and made it into a shampoo for your dandruff problems. Apple Cider Vinegar also helps maintain the Ph level of the skin. On the other hand, this shampoo also has wheat protein, that helps in strengthening your hair and hair follicles. It adds luster to your hair and keeps it smooth. Click here to purchase this the Anti Dandruff Shampoo online from

The Man Company Perfume Combo

A perfume combo that gives you the masculine fragrance. A set of four perfumes can also be a great gift for your man. Bravo, Efferus, Probus, Vividus are the four 120Ml Bottles available in this set. You can choose one perfume for each occasion. The fragrance includes rosemary, lavender, bergamot,  amber wood Oudh, lemon, birch leaf, and much more. This product is also highly sought after on shopping websites. Click here to purchase

Charcoal Body wash

We all know the cleansing power of charcoal. This body wash from The Man Company has charcoal as an active ingredient. Charcoal helios cleanse the pore of the skin. It removes dirt blackheads creating dust particles and dead skin. It also leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. You can around and still not be worried about your skin getting damaged with dust as a daily bath with this body wash will keep your skin healthy. The cinnamon and lemongrass-infused fragrance makes you feel calm and rejuvenated after every shower. Click here to purchase this item online from

Multani Mitti and Cocoa Butter skin brightening cream

Multani mitti is known for its skin smoothing, firming, and brightening properties while cocoa butter moisturizes your skin making it soft and supple. Due to pollution, the air quality affects our skin. Also sitting long hours in air conditioning makes the skin dry and dehydrated. This causes the skin to have signs of aging and dullness. This cream provides your skin the necessary moisture and keeps a coat over your skin so that the dust and other particles do not enter your skin easily. Multani mitti has cleaning properties that will clear your skin of any foreign agents and keep it soft when you use it regularly. Click here to purchase this from

The Man Company Charcoal Face Wash

Charcoal face wash is essential if you travel daily. Air pollution affects your skin and causes early signs of aging. You can simply look much younger when your skin is clear and clean. The charcoal face wash makes sure your pores stay clean and free from any blockage that may not allow your skin to breathe. If you’re willing to take care of your skin then the first thing is to not use a soap on your face. It takes away all the essential oils. This Facewash from The Man Company keeps your skin moisturized without giving away its natural oils. Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Fragrances are available. Click here to purchase this item from

Sunscreen Lotion

As sunscreen is a must. But not available sunscreens in the market cater to both male and female skin types. You should try the SF 40 sunscreen from The Man Company. The ingredients used in this sunscreen are suitable for men as men have more rough and sturdy skin types. This sunscreen helps remove tan and also protects against it. You need to use a screen whether or not you move out in the sun. Click here to purchase this product from