Let’s make shaving at home an exciting task with these new essential items

Shaving Bip Beardo

This shaving Bip is the first thing you will need to keep the shaving area clean. It is hot essential as it’s not good to have your hair falling around the basin or bathroom, especially not useful if you share it with your partner. You may have a pleasant experience of shaving, but you can save a ton of cleaning if you use this simple bip. Click here to purchase this bip online from Amazon.com.

Trimmer set

The next thing is a good set of trimmers. Trimmers are always up for grab on discounted rates on many online shopping websites. You can purchase this Syska trimmer set online. It has nine length settings. Use it with cord or go Cordless. It is built for durability with a quality body, travel lock, and universal voltage feature.get your saloon styles beard right at home every day with a small investment in this shaving trimmer set from Syska. Click here to purchase this online from Amazon.com.

Shaving cream

Shaving cream for a wet shave and a trimmer shave is different. For the trimmer shave, you can use the INDIA GROOMING CLUB shaving cream. Goodness of jojoba oil, argan oil, and lemon citrus are the key ingredients. This Shaving Cream hydrates and moisturizes the skin while you shave. This helps reduce razor burns. It also helps in tightening the skin and removing the dead cells on the surface. You get smooth and glowing skin after you have shaved with the EARTH SHAVING CREAM. Click here to purchase this online from Nykaa.com

Boomerang Shaving comb

A boomerang shaving essentials comb is an excellent choice when it comes to shaving at home. It gives your beard a proper shape for styling. You can set your beard before you go for the trimming and get the perfect style you love. The double edge comb gives you a proper shape, and you can also use it for styling with beard wax. Click here to purchase this item online from by Nykaa.com

Wet Shave kit

The traditional shaving has become even more popular these days. There are several all in one kits available for your wet shave. Get the royal experience of shaving with the GBS shaving travel kit. It comes with a Doppler bag, shaving bowl, razor and brush stand, and blades. Enjoy your vintage shaving essential with this shave kit from GBS. Click here to purchase it online from Amazon.com

An Aftershave lotion alcohol-free

It is a light alcohol-free lotion that has the extracts of witch hazel, Aloe vera, frankincense, coconut oil, sandalwood much more. A combination of all these active ingredients make your skin feel moisturized and soft after its use. The skin is well hydrated and healthier as this product is alcohol-free. Do purchase the Lets Shave after shave lotion online. Click here to purchase this item from Amazon.com.

Gilette Cocoa Shaving Foam

Inflammation from shaving is no more a problem. The Fillet Cocoa formula shaving foam has moisturizing properties. As a result, it reduces rashes and redness caused by the blade. Glycerine keeps the skin healthy and soft during winter days. It provides a great lather that gives you protection and keeps the edge gentle on your skin. Click here to purchase

NIVEA sensitive cooling gel

If you have a bumpy or irritated skin, the creamy gel foam from NIVEA is just for you. It is a sensitive cooling gel that gives you a gentle cooling sensation once applied on the skin. It is dermatological proved safe for sensitive skin. Click here to purchase

The Man Company Pre-shave Oils

This oil from The Man Company provides moisturizing, healing, and conditioning to the skin. It forms a creamy layer over the skin that prevents the razor from cutting the skin. The pre-shave oil is essential to hold the water content on the surface, so the skin is better moisturized and supple. It moisturizes dry skin and provides a premium shaving experience. Click here to purchase online from Nykaa.com

Shaving Brush- Bombay Shaving Company

This brush from Bombay Shaving Company is made from the regal India Rosewood. It has imitation badger hair bristles. It quickly spread the shaving foam across the bread and makes it smooth for a soft and gentle shaving experience. Click here to purchase it online from Nykaa.com