The Indian kitchen, unlike the West, has a far greater variety of spices and grains. It was a revolutionary move when in the ’70s, the Sumeet Mixer replaced the traditional stone grinder in all our kitchens. Since then, following suit, there have been a lot more kitchen appliances replacing traditional methods of cooking. 

ShopWise lists 7 unconventional yet surprisingly  practical time saving home appliances.

  1. Popcorn Maker Machine 

These ready-to-make popcorn kernels are readily available in the market, but they are loaded with preservatives, salts, and sugar – definitely not the healthiest choice! The corn kernel when dried has a small amount of retained water. This makes it pop when given enough heat. Therefore, homemade popcorn using the popcorn machine is much safer and can be made in huge quantities. Simply add some corn seeds in the popcorn maker & the machine does the rest! Hot and healthy popcorn is the perfect easy snack for family movie time at home.Click here to check various brands of Popcorn makers available online.

  1.  Automatic Pan Stirrer

Indian traditional cooking requires a lot of stirring. Standing in the kitchen and relentlessly moving the spatula so that the mixture doesn’t curdle or form lumps. The automatic pan stirrer is a friendly ghost in the kitchen that helps take away the tedious time required at stirring the mixture. It can be digitally set to the number of minutes the mixture has to be stirred and works like magic! Imagine preparing a sweet-savory dish for guests and the amount of time it painfully takes to get the milk texture right; set the timer on the automatic pan stirrer and you can be free to take on preparing other dishes. This magic tool is easily available online on

  1. Dual breakfast sandwich maker

Contrary to the toaster sandwich maker, this dual sandwich maker can cook three different items at the same time. Which is ideal, since it’s quite time-consuming to prepare each sandwich filing separately. Get your breakfast ready by only adding the right ingredients in the sandwich mixer. Easy to use and wash, this product is unlike traditional toasters, where cleaning is a big task after you have prepared a cheese sandwich. You can get yours today from Amazon.Click here to know more

  1. The Rollie Egg Cooker 

This isn’t the average egg cooker. This egg cooker is your answer to ditching the pan, spatula, and excess oil omelet. All you need to do is to pour the beaten egg into the cooker and you’ll find yourself with a tube-shaped egg! Used as a sandwich filler or an omelet by itself, this product uses low-to-no oil and can be easily cleaned. Available on Amazon click here to know more and a get quick discount on your purchase.

  1. ThermaPen

 We all love to have grilled food, yet the key (which is fairly unknown) to having the perfect smoked turkey or stuffed chicken is to cook it at the right temperature. The ThermaPen can be a great addition to your kitchen, for this reason. From baking bread to making pizzas, a ThermaPen is used to check the temperature at which your food needs to be cooked. Since we are moving towards an era of global cuisine, the ThermaPen will prove to be a beneficial addition to your kitchen! Be it lasagna, baked pasta, cakes, and/or muffins, all of these can be perfectly cooked with the ThermaPen handy… Purchase your ThermaPen on click here

  1.  Aeroccino Frother

If you love your coffee with layers of froth, then the Aeroccino Frother is just for you! easily creating foam for your hot or cold coffee, it can be used with any type of milk from dairy to oats. Impress your guests with this irresistibly delicious coffee rather than serving them plain, regular coffee in mugs. Look out for this item on click here to get more info

  1. Artisan Dough and Bread Maker

This bread maker invention is the easiest way ever to bake bread! You just need to add all the right ingredients in the dough maker and the machine does the rest for you. Baking the dough once it’s ready, and voila! Deliciously fresh homemade bread. You can order your Artisan Dough and Bread maker from