There are two kinds of people in this lockdown: those who are sad that they have nothing to do, and those who are making the most of their time, at home, during the lockdown. So here is a list for the latter, 7 cool gadgets that can help you shoo away your blues and boredom!

  1. Bose Quietcomfort 35 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Life is rather chaotic at the moment. However, the quality of the Bose Quietcomfort headphones in drowning out this chaos, is exceptional.  This bluetooth wireless headphone is, both, Alexa and Siri voice-compatible. Also equipped with a noise cancellation and  EQ balance, that no matter what chaos is going on out on the streets, when you wear your Bose, you immerse yourself in a whole new world of your own. Make the most of your time by listening to music on headphones with quality sound delivery! Click here to purchase this model from Amazon.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) Samsung SM R322NZ-WA

  This Virtual Reality Gear is super cool for watching movies uninterrupted! Paired with a good set of headphones, this eye gear offers an all-immersive experience – one that makes you feel you’re part of the game.Often used to play video games, this product is known to surge you with the same adrenaline rush that rollercoasters d. Click here to purchase this model form

  1. PlayStation FIFA

 If there is  any game that’ll keep you glued playing the Sony PlayStation for days, it’s  FIFA 2020.The latest FIFA Version has extensively improved graphics and includes some legendary players! You can purchase the game by clicking here.

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So what if you cannot head to the theatres? Build one at home with the BENQ MS535P SVGA Projector. Connected easily to your laptop or mobile phone, it allows you to view movies, presentations, and a lot more audio visual content on a much larger screen. One of the fastest-selling items on Amazon since the lockdown began, it is a perfect gadget to enjoy with family and friends.Click here to learn about this projector.

  1. Kindle 

A favorite choice for Ebook readers online and offline.Download free and paid Ebooks, while scrolling through thousands and thousands of books available online. The screen light is adjustable to the readers’ eyes, allowing you to read comfortably at any time of day. Kindle has also uploaded several best-selling books for free, what better incentive to stay home and read? Click here to get a Kindle of your own

  1. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition  

Speaking of taking up a hobby, your key to digital drawing can come true through  Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition. The best available drawing gadget in the market, it’s  habitually used by many professionals. This product is the key gateway to understanding digital animation. Nowadays, a lot of data is marketed visually, and the demand for animation content is only ramping up; who knows this may be an extremely valuable asset for your next start up!

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  1. Pluto X Nano Drone-  

Due to the lockdown, Earth is ready to take a deep breath. With cleaner air, no visible moving traffic on roads, it is the right time to get a drone to capture some stunning images and videos! The Pluto X Nano drone comes with a HD camera and can be easily programmed to fit user requirements. A great stress buster and learning activity at the same time, there are many videos which are viral online captured by drones showing how peaceful the streets are without any human traffic. Finally, the easy-to-use HD camera provides stunning videos from a bird’s point of view.. Click here to purchase this item from