We all absolutely love to update ourselves with the latest appliances and electronic gadgets. We either visit the showroom to make the purchase or purchase it online. Oftentimes, it is much easier when you’re in the shop and can physically touch the product and understand the specs related to it. Alongside this, there is always a personal salesperson who is well trained in the details about the product – providing you the various pros and cons of the product you’re looking for, in comparison with other products in the same price range. Suggesting products that you previously may have not known about before entering the store, this entire process leads you to buy something with a lot of thought behind it.

But with online purchases, everything is fast, and well here’s the nitty-gritty: you shouldn’t regret buying something online. With ease comes great responsibility! To make this process easier, ShopWise has compiled a step-by-step list of questions before you make the final purchase online.

Step 1- Focus on what you are looking for

You may start your search by looking for a mobile phone and add 20 unrelated items to your cart, and find that the mobile phone addition is still missing! It’s essential you focus mainly on the product you search online for. ShopWise provides you with useful information, such as, when the product is available , in stock , fast moving and available at discounted rates. So you need to keep an eye for your product online and check consistently everyday before you decide to invest in it.

Step 2- Compare the product 

Buying something online is no less than gambling at times. For instance, sometimes, the price is too good to be true, fooling people into buying rather inferior-quality products, over the finer-quality ones. Do ensure to thoroughly research the product and its specs before you add it to your cart and seal the transaction.

Step 3- Understanding the terms and conditions

All the products available online come with terms and conditions. Prices vary according to the terms and conditions that are related to the product. So it’s imperative you go through this checklist of points before buying a product:

  1. Payment terms
  2. EMI Terms
  3. Bank Terms / Credit Terms
  4. Are installation charges included?
  5. Delivery charges 
  6. Number of days for the product to be delivered
  7. The make and packaging of you product

Step-4 Read the fine Print

There is always finer print when it comes to electronic purchases online. No matter how boring it is most of the relevant clauses and misused clauses are hidden in the fine print with a small asterix mark – be sure to look out for this. Even if you don’t like reading it you may ask a friend or your partner to read it for you. You just need to make sure that you haven’t missed any terms and conditions clause before making your purchase. Everything from billing details, discount clauses and the product itself, need to be verified before placing an order. If any of your purchases go wrong, the refund, exchange & cancellation will take much longer, resulting in a gravely bitter shopping experience for you.

At ShopWise you will undoubtedly  find the  best deals online. Customise your search and stay alerted for any price fluctuations. These price fluctuations allow you to purchase items for the lowest possible price at any given time. You generate coupons and apply it at the same time to further lower the product price. Evidently, we aim to deliver the best-quality products for the lowest prices possible!